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Since our founding toward the end of 2012, we have been shaking up the craft beer industry in China. Sick of seeing the same bland industrial mass-produced beers in every watering hole we visited, we decided to bring something new, something different, something tastier to the market. In doing so, we  quickly gained a reputation for excellence, professionalism and simply for being a great bunch of guys who are passionate about what we do.

When it comes to taking on a brand, we look for beers or ciders that we ourselves like to drink. We look for brands that want to be in China and that are not afraid to commit to China. We are not about acquiring as many brands as we can into our portfolio, we select our brands carefully, ensuring that we will be able to devote the time and resources needed to grow the brand and accompanying market share. When we take on a brand, its for the long term.

In our relatively short time in the industry we have become one of the leading craft importers/distributors if not the leading one in China...and that's worth raising a glass to!

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